Sunday, May 26, 2019

June Goals

Hey lovelies, I can't believe we are over half way through the year, and if I'm completely honest I feel like I have absolutely nothing to show for it, which is so disheartening for me. I've been working hard but it feels like I haven't done anything productive and I'd like to write on here more.

Write regularly

PhD writing has taken a lot of my time, I also have a more demanding job now. So blog writing, and writing for fun have taken a massive backseat for me and I really wish that I could have more time to write here. For now I'm going to aim at blogging one to two times a week, as I feel like with a little planning this could be really do-able. Hopefully it is do-able, haha. I better crack on with a schedule!

Go back to gym

I stopped going to the gym about a year ago because my schedule was a little too busy, but now that I should have a little bit more free time for a few months I'd love too. I like how weightlifting and cardio makes me feel, endorphins and all that.

Save money

I recently found out my credit score is pure trash, and a lot lower than I thought it was and I want to improve it. I've got to stop with the impulse spending and save really hard to make it better, self control with money isn't my strong point and I need to be better at it. I have a littler bit of student overdraft that needs shifting too, so hopefully by Christmas that will be gone. I'm pretty sure cooking more and not buying so many coffees will shift most of it.

Make better choices

For the most part I'd like to believe that I'm a 23 year old that makes good decisions, and has her head screwed on well. Lately I've been feeling that's not the case, as I've been making some really poor choices, such as going out three days back to back and drinking way too much corona and not remembering anything the next day or accidentally skipping meals because 'productivity' is more important. Got to look after myself better and be a little smarter.

I'd love to know what you're amazing to achieve in June, let me know in the comments, and hopefully you'll see more regular content from me.

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