Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why I Don't Share My Blog With People I Know

Hey lovelies, what a dreadfully beautiful rainy day it is today. Honestly as of late my friends/acquaintances have been stumbling onto my blog and I thought it was time to write about why I don't share it with people. I fully respect why people do share it with their loved one/friends/associates but it's just not something that I want to do.

If people ask me what I do with my free time or why I'm on my mac so much I simply tell them "I'm writing" or "I'm a writer" which factually speaking isn't incorrect because I'm currently working on my thesis.  I have no problem with the term blogger, or anything like that but since I spent most hours of the day writing or planning writing or thinking about writing, I think the term writer suits me more. Plus it make me sound slightly less like a loser.

Writing has always been something I've done to get away from my life, the people around me, the thoughts I have that drag me down. Maybe this is where the divide started, I don't know. I feel like when I write I have the space and freedom to write anything I want, especially my mental health - something I don't talk to with people in my life - and maybe that is why I'm so protective of my little space on the internet. If I had my friends/family/acquantances reading my blog everyday then I know I wouldn't be so honest about the things I wanted to say. It's the space that gives me the freedom to do that, and it's not necessarily a judgement thing because I have published writing that people in my life have seen.

Maybe the underline is that I'm simply not comfortable sharing my inner thoughts and feelings with the people in my life and therefor I share them on my little piece of the internet as sanctuary. I just feel like the minute I share it with everyone, my content becomes less about what I want to write, and more about what I want other people to see/read. If I'm honest I really like having my private space.

I mean who knows though, there might come a day when my blog is published in a newspaper or mentioned on the radio and it will become unavoidable to keep to myself. But, for the time being it works for me, I'm not in a position where I live with my family; since I live 100 miles away. With my friends we talk about art and alcohol, I do have previous partners and two friends that do know but they are the select few.

I would love to know if you tell people you know and why, and if you don't share it I'd love to know why too in the comments.

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