Monday, January 07, 2019

My Vision Express Experience

Hey lovelies, today we're going to talk about how optically challenged I am and how I've a bit of an off experience with Vision Express in the last year, I'm not necessary disappointed in the service but the glasses themselves and just want to rant a bit.

Not last December but the December before I was lucky enough to be invited to the press event at Oxford street, and honestly I had a great time, parts of the event made me uncomfortable but I think that was more me. I had the best experience with the eye test and the lady that did mine was so lovely and made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and we both had a little giggle at how blind I am during the test. Afterwards we had a look at frames and I feel in love with a pair Sensaya and received them as a PR gift.

A few hours after my test I returned to pick up my new glasses - I adored them and went home. It was hen in March I started having issues with them, the frame literally started coming apart at the side. Now I fully appreciate that glasses loosen over time but this was next level, and then the week of April the inevitable happened - one of the arms broke off. I was honestly so dissappointed as the frames retailed at £169. Regardless of being so blind that a walk to town pretty much killed me off I went to Optical Express in my home town to get them repaired. Only to be told that because they are a PR gift and therefor not insured and "not fixable" that I would have to replace them; and honestly I didn't mind this too much because my eyesight is so poor going a day without glasses kills me. So I paid £169 on the day to walk away with a new version of the frame and my lenses.

Until December when I've come across the same issues and the glasses have started coming apart again. Honestly I am disappointed, after just six months I could feel the frames breaking again and I just think it's awful to be honest. In the first place I'd have been more than happy to cover the cost of insuring the frames from the PR event if it had ever been offered the opportunity.

Prior to this event I'd always shopped for glasses at Specsavers, but I loved the service at optical express so much I would have been happy to stay switched for a long time. But, realistically I don't have £170 to cover the cost of glasses twice a year if they keep breaking. So I don't think I'll be returning.

I'd love to know what experiences people have had with Vision Express if you have any!

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