Saturday, January 26, 2019

How I'm Improving Older Blog Posts

Hey lovelies, it's 2019 and this gal has been blogging many years now and if I'm honest some of my older posts make me cringe when I think about opening them - never mind actually reading them or worst yet anyone else reading them. So I think it's about time that I start editing them again.

  • Grammar/Spelling/ General text improvement - It is an understatement that my writing has improved in the past few years, a degree and a ton of writing be it blog posts or art theory has made me a much better writer, and it's safe to say that I wasn't the best writer in the beginning. Spelling and grammar are first up, because well clearly I couldn't spell amazing and made a lot of spelling mistakes from typing too quickly and genuinely being careless. I'm always really bad with apostrophes and abbreviations too.
  • Photos - Jesus christ did 18 year old me think she was alright at shooting flat lays in her dark uni house bedroom but alas those yellow tinted, especially dark photos need replacing and sometimes all you need is a better photo to make the blog post pop that little bit more. As I can bulk take photos with a better camera now, this is an afternoon task I'll be doing once the weather is a bit better in spring and there are more daylight hours.
  • Replacing links - Now over time links can break and I personally link all my blog posts to other posts so that there is a strong connection between them and easy to pop from post to post. Updating these means that different blog posts get new traffic and new links which essentially is better, as some older content will be getting read and improved at the same time from a SEO standpoint. Also links break and just need fixing so they don't bring your scores down.
  • Delete them - Now I know some people won't agree with this, but I think that as you grow somethings just aren't necessary anymore, kind of like having an online spring clean some of these things have to go because they just don't make the cut anymore and aren't relevant. 
  • Add Things In - In the same way that you need to get rid of bits and bobs, sometimes adding to old posts can be just as useful. Say you've reviewed a product and a year later your opinion on it has completely changed, or lets say you no longer like it then it is perfectly okay and relevant to add that into your writing. 

I'd love to know how you edit or improve your old posts if you have! Thanks for reading lovelies.

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