Sunday, January 20, 2019

Fashion Trends I'm living For Right Now

Hey lovelies, I'm going to have to be real honest here and say that autumn/winter fashion is my all time favourite sorry, nothing beats and nice coat and scarf with some chelsea boots if you ask me. So I thought I'd share with you all some trends I'm living for right now.


I'm sorry if anyone disagrees but I think tartan is timeless it looks so good with anything. I love tartan layers, I love the colour choice. I purchased a red tartan coat from New Look this year and it honestly spiced up my wardrobe next level. Maybe it's because I really love the clueless vibe, and double checked tartan is something I live for, but I really hope it stays in fashion throughout the year or makes a comeback this autumn.

Vibrant Coloured Longline Coats

I can't be the only person that noticed how popular these coats were this year? Walking into New Look I saw atleast 30 different colours of longline coats, and I'm not mad about it. But, something I absolutely loved was how vibrant some of the colour choices were. Bright yellow coat in the middle of winter? Absolutely. Bright orange or purple coat? Absolutely. I would honestly buy all the colour options if I could but I love the idea of having bright colours in the winter, and most sit within black, beige or fall colours.

Leather Dresses

I love leather skirts, I'm a really big fan and when I saw that Leather/Pleather dresses had come into style this year I was living for it. I think they look gorgeous and I love how form fitting they can be, and who doesn't love the leather look?? I'm really hoping to find a pleather dress in red so I can live my grunge dreams ( Topshop have a denim dress in red which is very pretty also).

Animal Print

I'm absolutely living for animal print, why I don't necessary wear it myself I love seeing other people rocking really in your face prints! I'm a really big fan of snake print, I bought a snake print dress from NastyGal this year and it is honestly the best thing I own it just literally clashes with everything I wear. I also really like seeing animal print on boots, especially chelsea boots I think they're absolutely stunning.

I'd love to know what trends you have been loving this autumn/winter and if there are any you admire but maybe wouldn't wear yourself?

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