Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Celebrating Being Single

Hey lovelies, can you believe that January is almost fucking over: I honestly feel like this month has lasted forever and I'm so excited for it to be done with. So excited, but the end of January means February and that means Valentines and it has got me thinking how happy I am that I'm single.

Until November 2017 I had literally been in relationships all of my teenage years and most of my adult life and if I'm honest the years that I should have focused on self improvement and being the best me I could just didn't exist. I was the type of person that threw myself into relationships, and I think truly that I didn't know how to be alone and mostly because I hadn't before, and partially because I didn't want to be alone.

In my year or so of being single I've learnt so much about myself, and shock horror that I can cope completely fine without a man in my life. Honestly who actually wants to share a bed with anyone, I can honestly not imagine not sleeping alone anymore! I like to starfish the hell out my bed and be comfy af, also when I order a killer chinese, you know ya girl is having leftovers the next day because she doesn't have to share with a boyfriend.

There are so many amazing things about being single and I honestly think why waste my good boobs years on someone who doesn't deserve it when I can focus on me, and if the right person comes along then they will be an added bonus. Surely your teens/young adult years should be about growth whether that is with or without someone and for me that is without.

So here are my fav things about being single:

  • Solo dates - A weird one to kick off but honestly, take yourself out for a coffee, get yourself a cinema ticket and go alone. Try these things on your own because they are honestly amazing experiences that are so worth it. Gong to the cinema alone is one of my favourite actives and I honestly love it so much, the first time was weird but now I literally love it.
  • Treating yourself - Buy yourself flowers, spoil yourself, buy that book you want to read because you deserve it. Why not pay for that train/plane ticket to an amazing place, do the things you want to do.
  • Not sharing anything - I'm selfish, I literally have no problem saying it, compromise is not something that I find easy at all. So having the freedom to do anything and not share it such as food, or the bed right now for me is bliss. I know it's something to work on and I will eventually but the star fishing will continue for at least a year.
  • No arguments - arguments with partners are honestly something I've always hated, the feeling after and the feeling of being that kinda upset. I love not arguing with anyone, it gives me a peaceful life.
  • Nights out - Singleness comes with a certain time of freedom when you go out, am I going to flirt with the hella attractive bartender. Absolutely? Am I going to dance with absolutely everyone? Absolutely. Will I probably give guys I've never bet before my snapchat because I don't agree with giving them my number? Most likely. But, honestly I have such a bad habit for flirting with fit bartenders, watch out Northampton bartends haha.
I'd absolutely love to know why you enjoy being single if you are, and if you're not then I hope you're in the happiest relationship! As always, thanks for reading.

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