Monday, January 07, 2019

Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

Hey lovelies, today we're talking about my main love in life Netflix. I'm really big into watching things why I paint/write so I tend to get through shows very quickly, so I thought I'd share some that I've really been loving lately.

You - I was honestly very surprised when I saw that this was being made into a netflix original because its actually a book that I've always really loved. The show follows Joe a bookstore manager who falls in love with a girl called Beck and becomes a little obsessed with her very quickly and follows their relationship. The show is a psychological thriller and has all the dexter vibes, it's really amazing. It hooks you in and you're dying to know what happens next in the Joe and Beck 'love story'. I highly recommend it, I've watched it four times since it came out and still adore it.

Perfume/Parfum - This is another quite dark series and not one I would recommend to those with a weak stomach. Based off the book of Patrick Suskind of the same name, it follows a perfumer, some murders and a beautiful red head girl. Why the show is based off the book it stands alone as a contemporary version and if you do like dark thrillers then this is easily the best thing in the Netflix library.

Dark - Dark is honestly one of the most intricate shows that I have ever seen in the way that it unravels. The story follows the search for lost children using supernatural elements. The show is german so it is subtitled but honestly worth every minute. It includes some of the most interesting characters and developments.

Black Mirror - Now I know Bandersnatch is technically a film but the series as a whole is amazing so it deserves a mention. If you haven't seen it yet, black mirror Bandersnatch is a in interactive movie whereby as the viewer you able to select the route that the main character goes down, bringing alternative endings to the show. It's so interesting and such a great addition to the show.

Maniac - This was honestly one of my favourite watches of 2018. The series follows a set of clinical trials that works in three sets, it follows the struggles of a girl with grief and male who has schizophrenia why the embark on the trial. It is honestly touching and really beautiful.

Baby - Follows the story of an elite girl school member Chiara who by night leads a secret life with her friend, the show follows her romantic pursuits and the life of other school members within rome. It is a great little watch if you have a few hours free. I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice back to back.

I'd love to know what shows you've been watching and loving lately! Thanks for reading!

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