Wednesday, January 23, 2019

4 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Hey lovelies, the weathers been a bit miserable as of late so I thought I'd write a little post about some things to do when its a rainy day!

  • Snuggle in bed and watch Netflix - Honestly sometimes we just all need a day off, and how better to spend it when its pouring down with rain snuggled up in bed in a comfy jumper or with some pyjamas on, put on some Netflix favs either a few films or a banging series. Lets not forget to have some banging snacks too, like popcorn or chocolate and all the hot drinks in the world. I have a post about Netflix watches if you need any recommendations too - *Binge Worthy Netflix Shows*
  • Host a treasure hunt - This is something me and my nan did once on a really rainy day and I have to say it was so fun, she hid clues and notes to find the location of a treat and honestly it was so much fun. I imagine this would be super fun for a family or a couple or even just friends to do when the weathers crap and you don't want to go outside.
  • Have a day playing board games - Now if your family or household is anything like mine then the mention of board games can be a bit risqué especially remembering the past defeats of monopoly with the board being flipped, or someone having one too many glasses of wine and not being able to count the Rummikub course correctly. But, board games can be such a great way to spend the time especially getting some of the classical bangers out such as Cluedo or Scrabble and make for really great bonding session and genuinely in most cases tend to be a great laugh.
  • Venture out to your favourite coffee shop - I'm not going to lie I love drinking coffee and staring out of coffee shop windows to some people watching when its rainy. There is nothing better than being able to watch the cold why not being affected by it with a large hot cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate in your hands. It is heavenly - top that off with a large slice of cake or a spot of lunch and you're onto a winner. I also find that the walk to the coffee shop/drive/ tackling the cold make it so much more worth it?

I'd love to know what things you love to do when it is cold and when it is rainy? What your favourite winter activity is? Mine is netflix diving and drinking all the coffee in sight.

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