Monday, September 24, 2018

Why I Want To Explore Europe More

Hey everyone, since I can't afford to travel right now I thought that I would just talk about about all the reasons that I want to travel around Europe more. Personally, I find European towns/cities my favourite places to visit because they're so rich in history, art and architecture and these are where my interest lie.

  • Art - For me art is the largest reason I choose to travel because personally I hate flying but I love seeing new artworks. It makes the journey worth it for me. I want to see all the paintings, all the classical sculptures that are so deep in history, all the contemporary art practices happening in other countries. It's one of the reasons I travel to venice every other year for the biennial. 
  • History - As well as modern art, I love historical monuments, historical artefacts and all historical architecture. It's one of my favourite things to look at and one of the reasons that I've been lusting over visiting Rome for half my existence. I have recently become really interested in the psychology of historical study from an art project I recently did and it has me wanting to travel to see all the famous historical cities.
  • Architecture - I personally love looking at architecture, I love large buildings. I love marble and light coloured buildings, massive churches, you name it and I want to see it. I also have an incredible soft spot for pieces of turkish marbling that you find in large buildings or Italian glass/marble making.
  • Food - Lets not lie, I think we can also say that gelato, pizza, wine and all the best food is a great reason to travel. I personally love Italian food, I'm a big fan of seafood and pasta and big old glass of wine or Aperol. I also really love desert, although with age I have now have less of a sweet tooth. Thats without mentioning coffee; coffee most places in Europe is actually heavenly and in some cases a lot stronger than what it is within England. It's my favourite.
  • I just really want to travel - Sometimes I think the idea of being stuck in one place for the rest of my life is literally the worst life I could live and I would be miserable. For me travelling is something I enjoy so much because I love getting to see new places and trying new things, as it's been said many times 'variety is the spice of life' and it's a spice I live for.

I'd love to know the reasons you enjoy travelling for me art is probably the biggest reason which I know will be lame as hell for most people but for me I love it.

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