Thursday, March 15, 2018

Doing More of What Makes Me Happy

Hey lovelies, it's been forever and I've written a ton of posts and I didn't know which to post first if I'm honest, I've written about my absence and why I've not been writing or on twitter much but honestly all my drafts make me sound like a super moody pessimist and I didn't want that as my first post back. So let's chat about all the things I've been doing to make myself happy again.

1) Start by removing toxic people

As far as it goes there are pretty toxic people in my life, and I'm always the first person to say to my friends when their sad "x is trash, bin them" and I never follow my own advice. I've stopped talking to people who make me miserable and I'm attempting to keep them out my thoughts, easier said than done I know but I've started.

2) Buy everything you want

I'm not going to lie I really love shopping, and right now I'm taking the "If I want it I'll buy it approach" because why the fuck not? Three nasty gal orders in one month? Absolutely. That coat I've been lusting over for half a year, it's already in my ASOS basket so why not? I know I'm always banging on about saving money but really I'm taking the 'fuck it' approach.

3) Dance all night long

I'm not going to lie prior to December, if you told me I'd be going out party more than once a year I'd have laughed in your face, and probably cried from sheer laughter. Now I'm the first too suggest a few vodkas after work and a quick nip to the local nightclub for some late night dancing and laughs. Nothing makes me happier than a tequila shot, my friends and dancing until 5am haha.

4) Art, art, art

Any long time readers of my blog will know that art is my life, and I've fallen in love with painting all over again. It makes me so happy having a paintbrush in hand and making something new. I've also really fallen in love with illustration again and I've been considering re-opening my print shop! But we will see on that.

5) Spending time with friends

My job makes it really hard to have a social life, like really really hard. So when I have the time I like to spend time with my babes doings things like cinema trips, nights out, days to London, costa dates and general fun activities.

Anyway I hope that ya'll have all been well, and lets hope that a regular posting schedule will occur soon!

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