Monday, November 13, 2017

Taffy Mail Review*

Hey lovelies, so today I'm sharing something a little sweet on the blog today *pun completely intended*. Last month I was lucky enough to receive a Taffy Mail box and I've spent the last month eating it all to give you the best review possible.
Taffy Mail is an UK subscription box for american candy/sweets. Taffy Mail offer three types of subscription box, the lite box retailing at £7.49 a month and included 4-5 american sweets, the classic box which included 10-12 american sweets and a can of soda for £14.99 and then the extra box which includes 20 american sweets, a can of soda and one premium item ( which is explained on the website as twinkles/cakes/cereals/large Oreos or more expensive american sweets. So there really is one box for everyone, I personally really loved the extra box because it was perfect for me to share with my boyfriend, and by share I mean he ate 90% of it and left me the bits that he didn't want hahaha.

My box was halloween themed because I received it in October, and some of the brands included were Pringles, Skittles, Kool-Aid, Hershey's and Sour Patch kids. I had a lot of halloween flavours such as m&m candy corn which were amazing and  my boyfriends favourite, I also received a spicy ginger ale for my canned drink which was amazing and had a perfect kick to it. The skittles cauldron were amazing and really sour which I loved. The peanut butter skull was also really cool and so delicious - it was a little bit more sweet than a regular peanut butter cup and it had so much more peanut butter!

I really liked this box because it's not the easiest to get a hold of american candy where I live and both me and boyfriend absolutely love it. I think the extra box is more than worth he money especially if you receive 22 products thats a pound each which so much cheaper than what you could buy a lot of the products inside. I like that the box has other options for size because even though the extra box is such good value that is a lot of sweets for one person to eat.

I really enjoyed taste testing this box and I'm definitely a fan of Kool-Aid now and I would eat m&ms  in every flavour all day everyday if I could. I'm definitely thinking about subscribing myself for future boxes now because I loved it so much.

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