Tuesday, November 07, 2017

November Advertisers

Hey lovelies, I can't believe were one month away from the festive season now lets hope that November is an amazing month, and that you enjoy reading all about my November Advertisers.

Nikkita's blog is a great mixture of mental health and university posts, her posts cover a variety of mental health posts that are great reads, especially her posts how to deal with bad comments and how to deal with a bad day.

Blog: Elegantanchors
Twitter: Elegantanchors
Instagram: Elegantachors

Kim's blog is a variety of content, I personally really love her food reviews including Breakfast at the Gateway. Her reviews are honest and her photography is lovely, I also really enjoyed her adult colouring post.

Twitter: Chimmykins
Instagram: Chimmykins88

Debra's blog is one of my all time favourite beauty blogs, she covers such a wide range of beauty posts and I can always trust her word on beauty products.  I absolutely loved her post talking about Thailand - which I highly recommend.

Blog: Debrabow
Twitter: Debraboww
Instagram: Debraboww

Olivia's blog is one I have been aware of for a long while, I absolutely love the layout of her blog and her Wishlist posts are my favourite, mixing quirky alternative style with fashion. Her halloween baking posts are also ones worth reading!

Blog: Dungarees-and-donuts
Twitter: Dungareesdonuts
Instagram: Dungareesdonuts

Claire's blog and Instagram are my some of my favourites, her post quitting my job, going freelance and moving to Australia is one that I loved. Her outlook on it is amazing and I'm so excited to read some of her posts about Australia.

Blog: grabyourcamera
Twitter: grabyourcam
Instagram: grabyourcam

So these are my lovely advertisers this month make sure to give them a follow and check out their posts. If you're interested in advertising with me check out my advertising packages *here

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