Friday, November 10, 2017

How I'm Saving Money For Christmas

Hey lovelies, I can't believe that it is November already; doesn't it feel like you've blinked and the whole year has passed so quickly. Being a student and working Christmas is a really crappy time of year for me, I'm always working and have a ton of deadlines to meet and then comes Christmas!
I absolutely love buying/making gifts for my family but genuinely October - December are the most expensive months for me. I have to re-buy a lot of material for university, buy a lot of books, get some winter clothes etc. So I thought I'd share some tips on way I save some money here and there for Christmas gifts.

  • Stopping buying coffees whilst out - As someone who is out and about a lot I buy a lot of hot drinks in the winter time as convenience, and can often spend anywhere from £2-10 a day on them. It's just so easy to do you know buying a coffee at university, buying one on the way to/from the gym, buying one on the way to work and that money quickly amounts. Also I could probably do with drinking slightly less coffee especially when I can drink them for free at work.
  • Saving tips - I'm lucky enough to make good tips at my job ( I know anyone who doesn't work in hospitality this won't be applicable) especially in November/December. I normally save notes in a jar anyway but any coins I get keep and spend on coffees, lunch or just drinks here and there. I've started saving all the money and it starts to become a nice little bit of savings that's perfect to put towards Christmas. I think this is a tip that's good all year round because it's so easy to spend tip money instead of saving it if it's just in your pocket, you don't count it or save it and it ends up a lot of wasted money.
  • Using discounts - Now this isn't technically a new tip to save money. But using discount codes/coupons on the gifts you do buy/or any other purchases you make will leave with some extra cash to use on gifts. Being a student uni-days is one of the best for discount codes. I always check the social media of the brand in question because sometimes smaller brands will have discount codes on their social medias or a ten percent discount if you sign up to their newsletter or so on. 
  • Use any points on points cards - Now I'm a fan of points cards especially for Boots/Superdrug because I spend a lot of money in there. I try to save my points for December so I can use them to buy some extra gifts here and there and it's a great way to bring the cost of your Christmas presents down. I think it's also a really good incentive to remember to pick up your points card especially if you know you're saving the points toward something. Also boots have 3 for 2 on their Christmas gifts which could make it an even better steal if you're using some left over/saved up points.
  • Budgeting - Now I'm not going to lie and you can probably already tell but I am awful at any form of budgeting or saving, but I do try to take little bit of money from October/November and December pay check to cover my gifts so that it isn't all from one pay check. I only buy seven gifts very year but it all very quickly adds up. It also means that if I have to buy any last minute extra gifts I'm not thrown off financially and I can afford to do so. I'm lucky enough to get paid early in December which is very helpful for buying gifts.

I'd love to know ways in which you are saving for Christmas? I've bought 5/7 of the gifts I need to and I only really have my boyfriend and my nan left to buy for, I'm pretty proud of how well I have budgeted for gifts this year and how I've bought them pretty early on.

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