Saturday, November 04, 2017

Five Days In Venice

Hey lovelies, so my beautiful holiday to Venice is over and whilst I did have an amazing time I'm so happy to finally be home and in my own bed. We spent five days walking miles across the island seeing some of the most beautiful art and some questionable art also and so I thought I'd share what we did and some art we saw.

Day One - On out first full day in Venice we headed to the first site of the Biennale, the Arsenale which was full of hundreds of pieces of work. It took us around three hours to get around the building, and we spent around an hour eating the most delicious sandwiches and freshly squeezed orange juice. After the biennale we walked to St Mark's Square and did a little shopping before grabbing some takeaway pizzas to eat in our hotel room.

Day Two - On day two we headed to the second biennale site the Giardini where the famous country pavilions are, we spent alot of the day walking round with one of tutors and enjoying coffee. We then went back to the Arsenale in the afternoon and then we headed to the hotel to clean up a little before the best pasta and one litre of wine jug. We then went to Handay and amazing little ice-cream shop.

Day Three - We headed to the Damien Hirst Exhibition in the morning which was also spread over two venues - we got very lost but we made it there and the exhibition was breath-taking. We then went to the Cemetery Island in the afternoon- It was a very beautiful place but I didn't feel comfortable taking photos whilst their were people there grieving. We then went to Burger King - and the magnum pleasure store and then did some late night shopping at Sephora.

Day Four - We mainly went to small exhibitions did some walking and did lots of shopping, I actually took €950 but barely spent €200 so I spent some at Sephora on Kat Von D treats and some bits from the Disney Store.

I had a lovely tine and I'm excited to go back in two years time again for the Biennale, I'd love to know if you've ever been to venice and what you'd like to see if you went or went again.


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