Friday, November 24, 2017

10 Blogs I'm loving this month

Hey lovelies, I thought I'd share with you some blogs I've been loving this month as I haven't done that in a while. I totally recommend following all of these blogs and all of their social medias became they're just amazing.

Sarah in Wonderland - Sarah's blog is amazing and probably my favourite beauty blog out there, her opinion is so honest and I love reading her reviews. Her Instagram stories are great too - I love watching what mail she receives and seeing the bits that she buys, especially home sense bits. Being a fellow pale girl I love her newest post so much too.

Rosie Loves Life - I'm in love with Sharon's flat-lays, her photography is next level beautiful! Her Instagram is also the suff of dreams.  I love her recently Wednesday Addams dress up post, it was really good and wonderful spin on a halloween post. I recommend reading her blog and following her Instagram.

Hannah Hearts - Hannah's blog is another one that I regularly read because I absolutely love her photography and her photos are always so beautiful. I love that she blogs regularly and everything is amazing quality. She's one of my favourite beauty blogs because her reviews are always on point.

Polished Couture - I absolutely love Bethany's blog because her beauty posts are always on point, I've been following her almost two years and in that time I've read almost every post she has posted. Her photography is absolutely beautiful and she has most definitely mastered the art of the flatly. I love her Instagram too!

Abbey Louisa Rose - I've also been following Abbey since she started her blog a while ago. I love how her content has evolved and it is honestly always amazing, very unique and funny. I really loved her post I too lack confidence and would recommend it to anyone because it was just on point in so many ways.

Luxury Blush - Hannah's blog is another I adore for her beauty content, her photography and content are just amazing. I really love her Instagram too I've followed it for a while and it's one I have post notifications for. I really enjoyed one of her newest posts about blog photography props.

Heart Shaped Bones - I've loved Jess's blog most of my adult life, she's such an amazing human being and her blog is one of my all time favourites. Her content is always amazing and she's really consistent, I love her alternative style and the art that she makes is so beautiful. Her post a year on from university was a really great read too.

Blogs All Beauty - Jasmine's blog is one I've been reading for a long time, I love her beauty content so much,  she really makes great beauty content. She only blogs once a week, mainly on Mondays and I look forward to reading her new post every time. She recently blogged about Ted baker beauty which pushed me to buy some for myself.

Dork Face - Jemma's blog I love for so many reasons. I love the creativity in her writing and I love her art, and her photography is just so beautiful. I love that she blogs really regularly too because it means there is always new content from her to read. Jemma also makes the most beautiful art and if you haven't followed her Instagram or her easy store then you need to.

Sweet Allure - Tanya is also someone I've followed for a long time and I really enjoy her blog posts, I really enjoy her posts about books and tv shows so much! I love her little art store too - she makes the most beautiful images - definitely recommend following her on Instagram or even purchasing something from her shop.

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