Monday, October 23, 2017

What I'm packing for Venice

Hey lovelies, so if you didn't know I leave for Venice in a few days and I'm very excited so I thought I'd share with you what I'm taking with me - my essentials and the bits and bobs.

Money ( Euros and Pounds)

I think this is probably the most important thing I'm taking, you need money for everything really. I'm taking around £150 for duty free shopping on the way to Venice, and just incase I need food/coffee because last time we got delayed 20 hours on our way to Venice. I'm taking around €600 for six days which is a lot more than I will need but I plan on buying some expensive art books when I'm there. I also plan to eat/drink my body weight in coffee and pizza so euros are important.

Camera, camera charge and multiple camera batteries

The reason I'm visiting Venice is for the bi-annual Venice Biennale. It's a large scale art exhibition split between venues on the island and has 100's of stunning artworks, so having my camera is a necessity because I need photos to bring back. I also am using the biennale to write one of my final major pieces on my master so it's just so vital. Obviously I will be taking some photos for the blog also. I'm taking four camera batteries with me and my camera battery charger just incase.


I take my phone with me everywhere anyway, unfortunately I get zero service in Venice but I find it important to have because I can join the hotel wifi and let my family know I'm okay, check my emails etc. Also I can check in on my boyfriend who is looking after my cat for the week, and FaceTime my him to see my little Oscar. I know priorities haha. Having your phone on you is also a really good way to check the time too.

Student ID

In Venice my student ID gets me into so many galleries/museums for free or with a really good discounted price. Since the reason I'm going is to look at art it makes a lot of sense as it saved me around €90 euros last time I visited.


When I was in Venice last time certain areas have pickpockets - and I'm not exaggerating at all. Having a backpack is just really great for keeping all your bits together and secure and I also use one that has a pocket against my back so I know there's no way anyone will steal my money. I can also keep bits on me that I don't want to leave at the hotel too.


Whilst I have visited Venice a few times now, the island has so many small windy paths and it is very easy to get lost looking for places. I always carry a map just incase especially since my phone is practically useless for internet connection unless I have wifi in Venice, and you get a good map for around €2

Pre-booked tickets

There are a few exhibitions that we've pre-booked because the tickets were so much cheaper online, my friend also bought me tickets to do a Murano glass making session as an early birthday present, which is all going to be really amazing.


Right now I always wear my comfiest shoes to Venice anyway because I tend to do a lot of walking as water-taxis make me feel beyond sick. This year I'm taking a couple of pairs because I have my first ever sponsored fashion post for a pretty amazing footwear brand so I thought why not shoot it in Venice? We have a really high weight allowance for our luggage so why not? Hopefully it will turn out amazing.

I'd love to know if you've ever been to Venice before, or if you're going on holiday soon where are you going?

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