Friday, October 27, 2017

Upcoming Things I'm Excited For

Hey lovelies, I really can't believe that the year is just months away from being finished and if I'm honest I'm so excited for this year to be gone but there are some things that I'm excited for. My life is pretty boring so most of these aren't super exciting but they're super exciting for me haha.

Venice - There are just days to go until I'm in Venice and if you don't follow on me twitter I'm very very very excited. There is nothing more exciting to me that seeing art, drinking galloons of coffee, eating my body wait in carbs and taking photography of beautiful architecture. Also we're going to the magnum pleasure store again so there will lots of ice-cream photos. Don't worry there will be a lot of Venice posts in November when I'm back.

My Exhibition - For one of my modules we had to pick a research methodology to write an essay and one of those options was an exhibition which for me was the one I wanted to do the most, and the option I'm best at. The exhibition is in November so I've had basically no real time to put it together and I'm hoping it goes well.

Blogging Events - I have some really good blogging events coming up in November and December, I'm reviewing some more restaurants, I'm going to Vision Express's Festive Frames Event, I'm going to the Northampton Christmas Meetup and some other exciting events! Holla at me if you're going to Festive Frames event as I'm going alone and would love to meet some bloggers there/in London.

Lush Christmas Products - I love buying lush products especially the Christmas bits, I love having baths and I'm basically ready to cover myself in Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I can't wait to buy some of the body conditioners and to buy some bits for my family as I introduced them to the bits last year and now we're a hooked family hahaha.

Christmas - I have a love hate relationship with Christmas nowadays because of working in a restaurant, I always feel like shit from over-working and dealing with awful customers but once Christmas hits I get really excited to see my family and spend quality time with my cat. I also love seeing the look on my families faces on Christmas morning when I hand them Christmas gifts. I love eating food and getting drunk on Christmas Day also.

The New Year - I know we're still two months off but I can't wait for January and a new year, also for my masters work load to start and ease up a little bit because right now it's very tough and I'm finding it extremely stressful and draining. Also I just love the romanticism around New Years and what you can do with a new year - maybe it's just me.

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