Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tips For Driving In Winter*

Hey lovelies, with the winter months almost on our doorstop I thought I’d share with you some tips for driving safely in the winter months. Different weather conditions can bring new hazards to driving. I hope that this is helpful for those that drive and maybe educational for those who don’t.

Have your car serviced or prepare your car for the journey

Ideally make sure your car is serviced before the winter months, if it hasn’t been you can check the car yourself by checking the lights, battery, windscreen and windscreen wipers, brakes and fluids. It’s also really important to check or change your tyres. October is tyre safety month and it’s so important to prevent accidents that you have the right tyres. Cheap tyres can be found online on the Point S website.

Be prepared for an emergency

Whilst this is probably the not the most important thing on this list. It is very easy to get caught up on the road in the winter, this happened to me and my nan when I was coming back from university one winter and we got caught in the car in traffic for around 3hrs. Make sure your phone has enough charge encase of an emergency, make sure you have a first aid kit in your boot. Make sure to have a blanket or warm clothes on, and some drinks/snacks in your car. Always have de-icing bits too. You never what could happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure your windscreen is clean

In the winter, especially as it gets darker you need to have good visibility. Make sure to de-ice your windscreens, make sure your windscreen wipers are clear. Having good visibility will help prevent you having an accident because seeing the road clearly will help you drive better.

Watch out for the weather

I think it’s so important to know what the weather will be when you head out in your car, especially if it’s due to snow or hail as I myself have been caught driving in snow before unexpectedly. Check a weather report before you start driving, don’t do it whilst driving on your phone because that’s dangerous.

Drive Carefully

I think this is probably the best tip I have for those braving the road this winter, speed limits are made for dry roads and when they wet or snowed – drive slower be cautious and careful. Don’t use cruise control when it’s snowing unless you have too. Take lots of care when the road is icy too.

So these are some tips, I hoped they’re helpful!

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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