Monday, October 16, 2017

Life Right Now; Masters, Blogging and Saving

Hey lovelies, I thought I'd share a little life update about where I am and what I'm doing. I mean I find it really rewarding to write about what I'm doing and hopefully it's an interesting read for you too.


So for those that don't know or are new to my blog I'm doing a Fine Art Masters right now I started last month and it's a 12 month course (ends next October) with three four month trimesters. I'm in the first trimester, I have three modules to do. One is practical and two are our written modules, and it's hard it's really hard. For one module I'm running an exhibition in a local gallery next month and have a 3000 word document to write for it, for another module we have weekly writing to submit and a 3000 word essay. Then my practice module is producing a large body of work for January. I'm really enjoying it but it's a lot - I'm most looking forward to our last trimester when it's only written work as I've becoming much more fascinated by writing large documents, and critical art pieces.


I'm working a lot right now because October to December is the busiest months for my work place. It's pretty tough to manage everything. Last week I worked 54 hours around university, going to the gym and attempting a social life it was really hard but I'm working really hard to save some money ready for hopefully doing a PhD next year and permanently moving to Northampton.


I've also been working really hard on blogging content behind the scenes especially for Christmas as I'm hoping to do Blogmas like I have the previous two years. I don't have university really at all in December except the first week and a half so I'll mainly be working so I'd like to have it all prepared before then. I'm also going to a series of blogging events in London in both October and November, with the first being an Ebay event this Thursday, the vision express Oxford street event and some others! If you're attending either let me know and I'll make sure to look for you on the day. I've also been reaching out to a lot more local brands to me and I have some exciting posts coming up.


I think I mentioned above that I'm working hard to save, I'm honestly in one of the worst financial positions right now with my student finance and paying rent etc because of our course duration my next finance isn't until March so I have a lot of rent to pay out of my own money before my finance comes in. I also really want to make sure that I have somewhere slightly nicer than my current place to say at next year so I'm trying my best not to use my bank for anything and I'm only using cash which has helped me save a lot more.


Anyone who regularly reads my blog will know that I suffer with severe depression, and right now it's not too bad. I've always been really high functioning but the summer was the worst I've ever felt and I really struggled to get myself out of that rut. I mean not everyday is great, I've struggled to get out of bed many days, broke down in tears at uni for no reason but I'm getting there. Things are at least starting to look better. I find depression is a lot easier to manage in autumn/winter for me personally.

So yeah, as a breakdown I'm working a lot, drowning in copious amounts of university work and blogging bits but I'm pretty happy.


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