Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Turtle Bay Northampton Opening Review

Hey lovelies, I know I've been absent as of late - life's changed and things have been busy but last night I attended what I can only explain as potentially the best event I've ever been to. For some context a Turtle Bay recently opened in Northampton and I went to the opening.

Having been to a Turtle Bay before I had an idea of the food, drinks and decor but I was honestly so blown away by how well decorated the restaurant was, with neon lights, fairy lights and the nicest looking beach-esq bar the Caribbean theme was in full swing.

I was the first person to enter the event with my plus one, my best friend Sarah. As we walked in we were offered one of two cocktails, a Northampton special and the reggae rum punch. We both opted for the Northampton special because lets be honest, who doesn't want a surprise cocktail? The cocktail was lime and mango flavoured in the colour of the Saints ( Northamptonshire's Rugby Team). It was so sweet and it was maybe minutes after that I went to the bar to ask for the other option, which the bartender made for us. The rum punch was the strongest cocktail on the menu and for me it was too much - delicious but too much.

After around half an hour of enjoying some chatting and drinks, another waitress asked us if we wanted more drinks and me being me ordered us two vanilla and passionfruit mojitos - I'm not a fan of regular mojitos but the passionfruit really appealed to me. The cocktail was the perfect mix of sweet and bitter - there was some mint leaves in the drink which wasn't for me but overall I'd drink them again. We were then called to the bar for an introduction to the staff and whilst this happened I'd ordered a strawberry daiquiri and my friend Sarah went for a surprise.

Whilst we were learning lots about the company and about rum, waitresses were handing out trays of light bits - the lovely Laura bought over a vegetarian tray for me and my friend to try some of and let us know all the vegan options. Being one of two vegetarians at the event it meant I got to eat all the vegetarian/vegan options haha.

We were then seated and I sat next to the lovely PR lady Maya - who was honestly so great to chat too and we enjoyed her company so much throughout the night. First up we tried some curries, two vegan and the meat option was a goat curry, this all came with rice and vegan flatbread. Both curries were amazing, one was creamy and coconuty and the other was very spicy - both winners in there own rights.

We then had some salad tasters and they were great too. After that we had the mains which was some jerk chicken and for me I had a special vegan mushroom burger, normally you can have the mushroom burger with goats cheese but that wasn't from me. Mine was served with some curries vegetables inside and it was amazing.

After that we had some more drinks and then deserts. By this point I was literally so full I was worried I'd be rolling home. We were served three different types of cake, a brownie, passionfruit punch and then a cheesecake. Unfortunately I can't eat amy of them so I had some barbecued pineapple with brown sugar and it was pretty good.

The opening was an amazing experience and I'll be writing a very extensive post on all the food and drinks we tried that night - I tasted around 14 cocktails and almost all the soft drinks which is alot to include but I will write it for you lovely people. I want to say a massive thank you to all the staff and Maya who made the night amazing. I can't wait to visit again and try the rest of the cocktails on the list.

Have you ever been to Turtle Bay before? If so what did you think? I'd love to know.

* All Photos belong to Turtle Bay


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