Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask First Impressions

Hey lovelies, so after what feels like an eternity of not visiting a lush store (11 weeks to be exact), I was able to visit the Intu Lakeside store and buy some bits. At the top of my list was the jelly face masks as they had been released a few weeks earlier. I picked up the entire set of them and I was not disappointed.

Bunny Moon appealed to me most out of the entire collection because it smells amazing, it has an amazing scent you can really smell the camomile and rose oil. It also has some really subtle hints of vanilla which is just beautiful. I love that it has a little bit of gold in it too - it really has a great moon theme going on. Whilst it is labelled a jelly face mask I wouldn't say it was jelly because it's actually pretty soft even when in the pot? It doesn't feel like jelly but it isn't a liquid if you get what I mean. I don't like that its in one of the see through containers that lush uses as I much prefer the black ones they use for the other face masks.

The product is a jellyish texture when in the pot, you can pull off a tiny bit and by rubbing in it directly on your face or on your hand it turns into a smooth paste that is really easy to apply. You only need the smallest amount of the product to cover your face. I used about 1/8th and it made a pretty thick layer. Once applied I left it on for around eight minutes, this was a little hard to remove and you definitely do need to use a cloth and some warm water but it felt so moisturising and my face smelt amazing. Its really hard to rub in when your hands are wet so I'd make sure your hands are dry before trying - and I wouldn't suggest applying it whilst in the shower.

After use I found that my skin was so soft and felt really moisturised and this feeling continued for a few days. I've used this product three times now and I've enjoyed it every time. I'm really excited to get on and try the other four in the collection I think I'll be trying the Birth Of Venus next - I've heard it has a different consistency to some of the jelly masks.

I'd love to know if you've tried this masks and what you thought about them, and if you haven't whats your favourite Lush product.


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