Monday, August 21, 2017

Why I'm looking forward to Autumn

Hey lovelies, with the autumn months almost on our doorstep I thought I'd share with you the reasons I'm looking forward too it. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year and I can't wait for summer to be over.
  • Moving into my new home - With 19 days till I move in, it's safe to say that I'm ridiculously excited and I've purchased a ton of new homeware. I can't wait to be back in Northampton surrounded by my friends, to re-join my work crew and to see my partner everyday. I absolutely can't wait to snuggle down in bed and watch all the films and binge watch Netflix.
  • Starting my Masters - I'm so ready for this. I can't wait to get back to doing what I love everyday, I feel like I'm bursting with ideas for new paintings and new writing pieces. I can't wait to have my own studio space again, it's like my second home.
  • Venice - If you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably see how excited I am. Whilst there are many things not perfect about Venice, it's just stole my heart. I'm going to view thousands of pieces of wonderful art, meet some of the most amazing artists and eat my weight in vegan pizza and ice-cream. Let's not forget about the coffee too. I'm also going with different friends to my last visit so it will be an amazing experience. Hola if you want specific venice based post - I will be doing a few blog posts.
  • Cinematography releases - Autumn is always hands down the best time for the TV shows, with the return of Riverdale and AHS (my favourite show) and some amazing cinema releases such as remake of Flatliners, Murder On The Orient Express, Thor and Justice League!? Let's not forget the next series of Gotham either. I will be spending so much time watching screens and I'm excited.
  • Coffee - I love coffee but autumn/winter is the best time for hot drinks, they're so many more options and not to be that person but I live for soy pumpkin spice lattes, and the odd soy hot chocolate. 
  • The weather - I've always hated hot weather and when autumn comes around I'm always excited for coldness and rain, we've had a lot of that this summer and it's made me so happy I feel like it's only going to be better. Plus I'll have lots of blankets and my new bedroom has the most amazing seated area next to my window - perfect for rainy book reading
  • Halloween - Not going to lie Halloween is my favourite time of year - I'll be in venice for halloween which is even more exciting. I'm working the Saturday before at my works halloween party and the halloween costumes have been purchased. I always get to set up the halloween decorations at work too.
  • All the blogging - I won't be doing blogtober but I will be posting every two days instead of daily. So there will be plenty of halloween/autumn content for everyone to read. I am doing blogmas though as it's something I've done the last too years so expect all the christmas content. I have also decided that September will be the month I finally buy a personalised pip dig theme.
I'd love to know why you love autumn, for me it's always been my favourite because I love the cold weather, snuggling under duvets, listening to rain and drinking all the hot drinks. This year I'm also looking forward to continuing my gym progress too.


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