Sunday, August 06, 2017

What's In My Mailbox - Urban Decay, Oh Deer, TangleTeezer, Vera Wang

Hey lovelies, so I've had an awful lot come through my mailbox in the last month so I thought I'd make a big old post sharing everything I've received and purchased. You might want to get a drink because this will be a longer post than normal.

Urban Decay 

Last month I was added to the Urban Decay PR list after working so hard on my blog this past month it was such an amazing feeling. I was added the day the Naked Heat palette was sent to everyone else on the list, thinking nothing of it I didn't expect to receive anything till their next release. A few days later a package full of goodies arrived at my door and I got so emotional because I received the palette and some other goodies. I was sent a few of the razor sharp liners, a setting mist, the naked basics two palette, two of the vice special effects liquid lipsticks and some vice lipsticks. I'll have a review coming up and some of these bits will be added to my blog giveaway because I won't use them/already own them.

Joan Collins/ Leighton Denny

I received the Joan Collins bits around a month ago - and honestly this foundation is my new to go. It's got amazing coverage but its so light on my skin. I'm also very pale and the shade was a perfect fit for me, it covers up the redness in my skin with just the smallest amount of products. I got the matching concealer too but I found it really watery and it coverage wasn't great? This might just be me because I have insomnia and my under eyes are bad but it barely covered anything.  I also received some leighton Denny nail varnishes from the same PR a few months ago and I still love them.

Oh Deer / PaperGang

I buy the PaperGang box monthly because I'm a massive fan of stationery. This month I cancelled my subscription because I was so disappointed with the variety and products over the four boxes I've paid  for. I also purchased an Oh Deer notebook from ASOS because of how amazing it is, upon rethinking my purchase I've decided too add it to my upcoming giveaway because I have so many notebooks.

Vera Wang/ TangleTeezer -

I have an upcoming collaboration with PerfumeClick and they let me pick some bits from their website. I choose Vera Wang Princess as it is amazing for an everyday perfume, the packaging is stunning and just perfect. I also just love TangleTeezers so I had to pick up a new one, I went for a blue and pink one as I don't have this colour combination in my collection.

Ideal TV

Earlier in the month I was also sent some bits from the lovely PR for Ideal TV from a brand called Skinn - I've tried these products out briefly but not enough to make a whole post about them yet. I'm also really undecided as to whether I like the colour correcting kit or not.


I made a small asos order when I got paid, but unfortunately I had to send all the clothes back - I'm currently really in-between sizes. I've been working so hard at the gym and I've slimmed down a fair amount so the two dresses I purchased were massive - I wasn't sure what sizes I would need so I just got a refund and I'll get some more clothes when I finally fit into a size properly.


I received Dear Amy in the post a few days okay, after hearing so many amazing reviews about it I just needed this book in my life. It hasn't disappointed either - I'm only around 100 pages in so I'll have to come back and update this when I've read more. I also won this book We've come to take you home which has so far been very interesting too.

If you've enjoyed this post let me know, I'm happy to make this a monthly/ bi-monthly post, I've currently got two giveaway prizes on the way to me and two PR packages for the upcoming month and I'm really excited!


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