Wednesday, August 30, 2017

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Range First Impressions*

Hey lovelies, so a little while ago I was contacted by the lovely T-Zone to ask if I wanted to try some of their new range, I accepted and I'm so glad I did because not only are they an amazing brand but these products are superb.
The Charcoal and Bamboo Range consists of 8 brand new products which include nose pore strips, a peel of mask, an ultra purifying face wash, black cleansing wipes, a deep cleansing facial scrub, a self heating mask and no shine papers. I was sent the nose strips, purifying face wash and the black peel of mask which I'm really happy about as these are the products I'd be most likely to buy from the range.

The Nose Pore Strips are the product that I tried first, I have tried the strips from the T-Zone tea tree range and they've been my go to for a long time. One thing I have noticed from using the pore strips is that they often do leave a little a lot of black residue on your nose - this is to be expected though as you use them when wet. I also recommend if you have a nose stud take it out before using the strip because the strip stuck so hard to mine and ended up making it bleed, I know it's probably common sense but yeah. The strip worked so well for me and I'm excited to use the six strips I have left to see what lasting effect it has/ the prolonged effect of using them.

The Black Peel Off Mask is always a product from this range I enjoyed. The application was really easy but the removal wasn't as smooth, it wasn't painful but I found it a struggle. The smell is amazing and it left my skin feeling amazing for the next few days. I don't regularly get spots so I can't comment on if it helped this aspect but I plan to do an updated review in 4-6 weeks so I will come back to this.

The purifying face wash is amazing, for £3.25 it will be my go to for the rest of my life I think. It foams up really nicely and cleanses your skin really well. The scent is so fresh and it has a sweet grapefruit undertone to it which is amazing. I've got nothing bad to say about this product, I've been using it everyday and it makes my skin feel amazing.

I'd love to know if you've checked out anything from this range, and your thoughts on it!

* These items were gifted to me but all opinions are my own.


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