Thursday, August 03, 2017

My Favourite Perfumes

Hey lovelies, so today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite perfumes and some of my favourite places to buy them from. I don't like a lot of perfumes but the ones I do like I really like and I stick to them forever haha.

Chanel Chance - Chanel Chance has been my favourite perfume for as long as I've lived basically, it has the most amazing scent and in the last five years they've brought out a whole range of them, the more the merrier really. The only downside to the perfume is the price, with the perfume being £105 for a 100ml bottle and the eau de toilette being £60 for 100ml. I tend to purchase it at airports which makes it a little cheaper - honestly Duty Free can be a life saver. 

Prada Candy - This was a perfume I was introduced too on my trip to venice, I found it in the Duty Free section at the Italian airport we flew too. They had a special offer and the 100ml bottle cost me less that €35 - it was such a bargain I'd wish I'd purchased more than two. The scent is fairly similar to Chanel Chance it's strong but kinda sweet, the package is absolutely stunning too. 

Vera Wang Princess - I recently received this from Perfume Click and I'm in love it's probably the only perfume I like thats affordable with a 100ml bottle costing under £30. The smell is incredibly sweet and light and lasts for around 6-8 hours which is perfect for work or if you're going out in the evening. The only downside to this perfume is the circular bit under the crown comes off every time you use the bottle.

Marc Jacobs Daisy - I got this from Love The Sales they have an amazing sales section which can be found here the smell is gorgeous and little different to the rest of the Marc Jacobs perfume, it smells sweet and has a sort of plum smell ( if that makes any sense at all). I also love the red packaging, it's so fancy and really cute. I've only tried two other Marc Jacobs perfumes and I disliked them both but this is absolutely amazing I really recommend it.

So these are my favourite perfumes, I'd love to know what your favourites are let me know in the comments.


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