Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Favourite Blogs

Hey lovelies, so I thought I'd share with you my ultimate favourite blogs, I share favourites often but these guys and gals they're on my list forever. Please give them lots of love and I hope you discover blogs you'll love too.

Not only has Jemma been my blogging bud for the longest time but she's also one of my favourite bloggers. Her blog is just of an undeniable quality and her content is some of my favourite, there are very few blogs I read that mix creative content, with lifestyle and just pure honest. I look forward to every post she posts. She's one of the kindest friendliest people I know and I'm so lucky to have her as friend. I love her art and Etsy shop too.

Jess is an absolute star, she was one of my first blogging friends and I still read her blog religiously now. Whilst I'm not a fashion blogger, I love fashion blogging and Jess's alternative goth style is amazing. Her post quality is second to none and I love her uniqueness. She also makes some of the most beautiful art and crafts I've ever seen.

Sarah's blog is perfection and of such high quality, it inspires me not only to push my quality but also to think more consciously about my choices and just being a better person. Her blog on lifestyle, beauty and art. She's always inspired me to make the change into veganism, and becoming cruelty free - her posts are so educational without judgement. Her art is so so stunning too.

I love Robyn's blog - I feel within the last few months that her transition as a person has been shown on her blog and it's so lovely seeing her be more confident. Her blog is the perfect mixture of alternative fashion and lifestyle. I want to buy everything she wears and I hope to grow confidence like her.

I've known Vee for the longest of time and read her blog and visited her store so many times. I'm so excited to see her store relaunch and to see her blog again. Her mixture of lifestyle and alternative posts are amazing. I love seeing her evolve as a person and this transitioning to her blog.

I've only started reading Shona's blog more often recently but it's honestly my go to for everything film. I love her honest reviews, her reviews of trailers, films and shows. Her review of the Flatliners advert showed me how in sync we are with film opinions. I guarantee you'll find something you love with her blog - it's one you NEED to visit if you haven't.

Sarah's blog is of an insane quality, her writing, her photography and her content is amazing. I love that she actively writes about her disability too - I feel so much more educated about disability because of Sarah. I love her Instagram and she's a total boss really. Hopefully I'm able to meet her before she moves.

I've followed Rhianna's blog for the longest of time, and even today I find her content of amazingly high quality and just so honest. I love that she shares the negatives of her life alongside the positive, especially when she was made redundant. Her Instagram is goals, her photos are absolutely stunning and if you read a blog today it needs to be hers.

I've read Debra's blog for a long time but I've fallen in love with more recently. I love her beauty content, she's one of my favourite beauty bloggers. Her image quality is stunning and I know that her views are honest - if she recommends something I'll buy it. I can't wait to see what she blogs next.

Jess and James's blog is probably the one I visit most often. I absolutely love everything they blog about from food to travel. I've gone to places they've suggested and absolutely loved it. There travel series made me want to jump on a plane and hop around Europe forever. I can't wait to see their new posts and I'm so excited to see what they blog about now they're back in London.

Abbey Louisa Rose

I've followed Abbey since she started blogging, her blog has developed so far from then and she has a really unique style of writing that is really enjoyable to read. Her blog covers a large range of topics from travel, fashion to sex so there really is something for everyone.

Dungarees and Donuts

I love Olivia's blog so much, I've followed her for the longest time and she has the most amazing style. Her wishlist posts have me wanting to buy everything. I love the large variety of things that she posts about too from fashion, mental health and lifestyle.

Amy's blog has been my favourite travel blog forever. Her posts always left me wanting to jet off to wherever she had visited. I love her fashion posts, she has such a unique and stunning style. I really loved her recent tattoo post, she has some beautiful art on her skin. I love her professionalism and honestly you just need to read her blog.

Vix's blog is just perfection. For anything relationship or sex based I look to her blog, her dating posts are my favourite to read but I've really been enjoying her mental health posts so much they're honest and just really something I needed to read. If you don't follow her you definitely need too.

Nettle and Blackberry

I've followed Imii's blog for the longest of time, I loved her posts when she was in France, when she was in England and I love her posts now she's finished university. Her style has grown and her photography is ridiculous stunning and I love seeing her more comfortable on Instagram. You need to follow her blog.

The Kitty Luxe

Holly's blog is amazing. I'm still stunned everytime I visit her blog or her Instagram that she shots all her photography on her iPhone - it's a massive talent. Her content is original, her style is so unique and everything she posts leaves me so inspired. Her Instagram is one of my favourites too.

These are some of my favourite blogs I might do a part two because I often read many blogs, make sure to follow these gals and give them lots of love.

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