Friday, August 18, 2017

Misconceptions of An Art Degree

Hey lovelies so I thought today I'd write about something that infuriates me on a daily basis, in the last three years I've dealt with people telling me how worthless my degree is, how I'll get a job, I've wasted £21,000 on tuition and that arts in general don't matter. This is not the case whatsoever and I'll explain why.
So let's start, I did my degree at the University of Northampton, after having horrible experiences at my top two choices I had no idea where I wanted to go so picked UoN at random based on my interview. I chose to do a specialist Fine Art Course so my degree is a specialism in Painting. I had the most amazing university experience, I learnt more about myself,  had three years to practice and improve my practical ability, and I'd like to think I'm a better person for it. I got a First Class Degree and I'm starting my masters in a month.

It's not a real degree

Honestly, if you think this then I can't be friends with you. If you apply through UCAS or Clearing and get into University then there's a really large chance you're doing a degree, a 'real degree'. Just because you believe it is inferior to academic based degrees is just blatant ignorance. Art courses require you do just as much writing as practical, you still have to get the grades to get in, complete an interview and more, it's definitely a valid degree.

You'll Never Get a Job

Incorrect. The arts open a variety of door for jobs, if you're looking to get into a certain field of arts yes it won't be easy? It's not impossible though. But, to say that someone is unemployable based on their degree is shit really. In the field of my degree, I could get a job as a galleriest, curator, full time painter, tutoring, joining a professional artists team, writer, art editor, printmaker, technician, exhibitioner, teacher, art therapist - the list goes on and on. Even if you decide to get a job outside your degree that doesn't make your degree pointless.

It's a waste of time and money

I'm not going to lie art degrees are really expensive, I spent around £3,400 in my final year on materials from canvas's to paint, books, academic trips to galleries, art symposiums, paying for exhibitions/travel to London. I was lucky enough to make all the money back when I sold all my degree show pieces. I'm not going to lie it is very expensive - the only good thing is you choose what you make so in theory you choose how much money you spend.

Is it a waste of time? No, three years is a lot of time to gain experience, it gives you three years to get any work experience you want, to use facilities that you otherwise would not be able to access, to practice as often as you like. It opens so many doors for you.

It's Easy

No, No and No. The things is most art degrees require you to do some sort of theory work, on my course the work was split 50/50 to writing modules and practical modules. I still had to write a 10,000 word dissertation, whilst producing a large amount of studio work. Which included a series of sketchbooks, readings, visits and a very in-depth understanding of painting, colour, material.

I really hope one day that people aren't so ignorant towards the arts, it's so disheartening especially when they play such a big part in day to day life.

*Photo credit Winson and Newton.

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