Monday, August 28, 2017

European Cities/Towns I'm Dying To Visit

Hey lovelies, with my next european holiday coming up this week I thought I share some towns and cities that I'm dying to visit. I have all the wanderlust but no one to travel with so I might book a solo trip.

Bern Switzerland 

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and from just one photo it's not hard to tell why. Architecture, art galleries, museums are just many of the wonderful things that you can experience at Bern. There is also a stunning botanical gardens, a zoo which is known for its bears and so much more. My friend who visited told me they also make the most amazing coffee which makes Bern top of my list. Not to be that person but you can just tell how stunning any photography you took would be.

Hydra Greece

If I'm honest, I don't like to visit places with beaches because I'm not a fan of holidays with sun, beaches and relaxation but Hydra looks like an absolutely stunning town. It is known for being rich in history and architecture and is said to have an amazing little beach too which you can locate via a water taxi or a small walk if you're staying on the island.

The Var Provence France

Var is known for it's stunning scenery and is located in the south of France, by one of the most stunning channels and some beautiful lavender fields. My friends visited when they went on a round trip of France and it looked like the most amazing place they visited. The architecture too is brilliant.

Positano Italy

This town is well known for being so photogenic, located on the coast of Italy whilst it is expensive it's just somewhere I'm dying to go to. The town is lined with cafes, and restaurant and would  make such a perfect getaway for me. I love the colours of the houses too.

I'd love to know what European towns you'd love to visit, let me know in the comments.

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