Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August Favourites

Hey lovelies, I know my favourites post is a little early this month but alas, here it is. I've had such a bitter-sweet month, so I've tried to make the best of it.

  • Films - I've been to the cinema around a dozen times this month and it's been amazing, I've seen some amazing films with nan and I can't wait for upcoming cinema releases. I'll miss the odeon I visit here but I can't wait to go to the Northampton Cineworld again.
  • Family - I'm sad I'm moving back to Northampton in two weeks because I'll miss my family but I've had the most amazing month, we've gone for days out, looked at universities and just spent some quality family time together. Also a lot of shopping haha.
  • Blogging - Honestly this has been such a great month for blogging for me, I've got some amazing opportunities that'll I be taking part in in September/October. I've worked really hard on pre-scheduling content and I've enjoyed reading other blogs so much lately.
  • MTV - I'm not going go lie, I love trash TV. I've been binge watching Catfish, Teen Mom and One Night With My Ex the last month. One night with my ex is honestly such an interesting watch - it's on the premise that people who've split up talk about the issues with there relationship and ask things they haven't before, and can address absolutely anything.
  • The Gym - This month I've finally been able to do more intense workouts and I can lift heavier weights. I've also started to tone up really nicely in places, it's honestly the best feeling when your hard work pays off. I'm so gutted to be leaving my current gym because the gym I'm returning to isn't as nice and doesn't have the same amount of 
  • Fanta - Fanta original/lemon has been my favourite for this entire summer, I love the taste of both and they're the perfect to have one a hot day. I am trying to cut out fizzy drinks so I only a Fanta every so often but it's totally worth it.
  • Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks - Just to include a product these are my favourites right now. I absolutely love the formula of the mega-matte vice lipsticks they're long lasting, last really well against food and drink and the colours are stunning. My personal favourite is 714 with the mega-matte finish.
  • Homeware - I've bought all the homeware for my new house and I'm excited, I've got three sets of bedsheets, a ton of cute trinket bits and some amazing pieces of art. I'll include a homeware post with a new house tour if people want to see it.

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