Friday, August 11, 2017

5 Tips For Preparing To Start University*

(Photo Credit - Hull University's Photography Mike Park)

Hey lovelies, with A-Level Results around the corner I thought I'd share with you my tips for preparing to start university.

For those waiting for results on August 17th it is a big day - I remember my own Results Day it was nerve-wrecking. Don't be disappointed if you don't get the grades you need, you can apply through Clearing, and in the same breathe if you decide you want to change university or your results make you want to go to university then check clearing out too. You will need to log into UCAS to find your clearing number and from there you can search to find out available courses. I recommend checking out Hull Universities Clearing* or giving them a call on 01482 297000. They also have an amazing Youtube Ad*  Once you've found somewhere you want to go to, give them a call and make sure to have your clearing number and results at hand. Feel free to shop around - you don't have to accept the first offer you get unless you want to! Once you've got your place, update your UCAS and you're all set.

1) Work out your Finances

Honestly I wish I'd have done this - I was very unprepared for University. Before you move sit down, work out your loan amount, how your accommodation costs, find out your course expenses and work out how much you have to live on. This will help you so much. If you're going to change to a university account make sure you do this before you arrive at university as you can only make your account a student one in your first year - you never know if you'll need the overdraft. Set yourself a realistic budget - especially if you're doing freshers week - I managed to blow over £500 in my first week of university between freshers, social events, course trips and well just settling in.

2) Sort your accommodation/ buy your homeware bits.

Again guys I bought everything for my flat on the day I moved in, I hadn't even seen the accommodation I was moving into don't make the same mistake. Make sure you get your accommodation sorted straight away if you haven't whether it's halls, a house share, a solo flat make sure it's done with plenty of time. Start buying the bits you'll need, write a list of what you need - don't over buy and get things that will make the place feel like home whether its comfy blankets, fairy lights or a nice rug.

3) Do your summer/course reading

Most courses will send you your summer reading list or your reading list for your first time. I'd suggest you do it over the summer. Again I did not and I looked like a knob in my first lectures when I had no idea what was happening.

4)  Use social media to connect with your flatmates/course mates

This will be a god send I promise you. Before I started university I was able to connect with a girl on my course called Faye on Instagram and we became best friends in freshers week. Three years later the friendship is still strong. Most universities have online pages where you'll be able to connect with people in your accommodation or on your course. This didn't work for me as the page wouldn't log me in and so when I moved in the five of them knew each other and I was an outsider! I recommend doing it as it stops awkward silences on the first night.

5) Learn to Cook

University means you'll be cooking for yourself for the most parts of three years, it's key to know how to do more than cook pasta and eggs (basically me when I turned up at university). Get your parents to show you how to make your favourite meals and practice before you get there - you don't want to live off tuna pasta or takeaways I promise you!

For those who read my blog and are heading to university in September - I hope you have the most wonderful time. University was the best three years of my life and I wish I could do it again.

* This post is in Collaboration with Hull University but all opinions are my own.

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