Monday, July 17, 2017

My Pinterest Dream Home

Hey lovelies, after sharing my my post Why I love Pinterest I thought I'd share my Pinterest Dream Home. Pinterest is the best place to find home inspiration and with over 700 pins in my home inspiration board it just felt right to share this post with you all.


To be honest I'm a massive fan of large kitchens that are very minimal and white. I really like when kitchens have island tables in the middle, it makes socialising amazing. I like small bits of colour in kitchens but I pretty much would like to keep it to white, black, grey, copper and the odd bit of green from a plant. Very modern basically.


I'm so fussy when it comes to bathrooms because I've always lived in houses with amazing bathrooms; so I do like them to be a little fancy. I spend a lot of time showering/having baths because I'm almost always covered in paint and so a big shower/bath would be amazing to help clean me up and relax. I'm a fan of a muted colour schemes so this would be pretty much white, grey with copper and maybe a plant. I'm seeing a theme here.


Lounges tend to be the room I use least in a house, I don't really have time to relax in the average week so it's only when I'm ill or on holiday from work that I get the time to use it. I like large fabric sofas and I'm a massive fan of L shapes sofas. I would like my lounge to be grey, white and pastel pink with lots of paintings, framed drawings and plants. Lots of comfy places for my cat to sleep during the day haha. I don't really watch TV but my boyfriend loves it so a massive TV would probably also find it's way into the house. Also I'm all for extra cushions and massive furry rug.


When it comes to bedrooms I just like to be comfy. I lead such a busy lifestyle that chilling in bed for hours on end is only something I can do on breaks or holidays. I have really bad insomnia and I try to make my bed as comfy as possible in the hope I can get that extra ten minutes of sleep. I like lots of cushions, a few artworks on the wall but a lot of white space. I also like big windows in bedrooms too.  I like to have a small desk, and some wardrobe space but apart from that I do like to keep bedrooms plain.

So this is my dream home, and I'm well aware that I'm years away from having a house anywhere near this but a girl can dream, I do have a part two to this post that I'll be sharing soon. I'd love to know what your dream home would have in it.

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