Monday, July 31, 2017

My Fitness Inspiration and Gym Routine

(Photo Source - Embody Gym London)

Hey lovelies, so this past week I've received a few message asking me what my fitness inspiration is and what my gym routine is. So I thought I'd share it with you.

My Fitness Inspiration

  • I hate my body - Simply put, I don't like what I have so I'm working hard towards the body type that I want. I want to feel comfortable wearing less and I want to feel happy in a swimsuit but right now I don't and for me being happy in own skin is inspiration enough. I'm working towards the day I can take a photo of my full body and not want to burn it instantly. 
  • I pay a lot of money for my current gym membership -  I pay £50 a month for my gym membership when I'm away from my university town, it's the closest gym to me and it's one of the olympic training pools/gyms so it's amazing.  If I don't go to gym for two or more days I feel like I'm wasting my money - it's a good incentive in its own way.
  • I like how exercising makes me feel - Chemically working out makes you feel better, but for me I feel so fulfilled and accomplished after a 3-5 mile run or lifting a heavier weight than normal because a few months ago I was the most unfit person I knew. I feel like I'm achieving the things I want which makes me so much more motivated.
  • My Family - My family help inspire me so much to go, when I'm struggling to find the motivation to go I'll ask my grandparents to drive me. If I don't go the gym immediately in the morning they ask if I'm going - which is such a good kick for me to get butt to the gym. My nan always comes and picks me up after leg day too - because I'm a wobbly mess haha.

My Gym Routine 

Now I'm going to put this here, please know your limits when working out - I've been going to the gym for half a year now I can do a lot more than when I started. If you try and do too much you will just injure yourself please know your limits and when to stop.

Monday - Warm up stretches. Leg press, leg abductions, leg curls & extensions. Abdominal Crunches, barbell squats. Rowing machine. 3KM run/jog. 

Tuesday - Warm up stretches. Bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, chest press, abdominal crunches, pec/rear felt press. Weighted squats. 3-5KM run/jog.

Wednesday - Warm up stretches. Cable crunches, bench press, lat pull down, leg press. Cycling or rowing, weighted squats. 3KM run/jog.

Thursday - Normally a day off, if I feel motivated I'll go to the gym and do whatever or go swimming, or stay in bed and watch netflix. 

Friday - Swimming. Warm up stretches, abdominal crunches, weighted squats. Rowing, chest press, triceps/biceps cable pull down. various weightlifting exercises. 3KM run/jog.

Saturday - Combination of above workouts using any machines/weights I want/feel like. I tend to aim for an hour of weightlifting and my 3-5KM run/jog.

Sunday - Day Off.

I'd love to know what workouts you do at the gym, occasionally I do a HIIT class or an intense cycle/spin class. Hopefully this post is helpful, and if you currently go to the gym/workout - keep working hard and you'll achieve what you want! 


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