Sunday, July 02, 2017

July Goals

Hey lovelies, so it's July and I'm hoping for this month to be so much better than last month, I also received the best piece of blogger mail I've ever had this month which kicked everything off to a nice start, so here are my goals for the month!

Blogging Goals 

  • Reach 7,000 Followers on Twitter - I've been looming at around 6,700 for the past two months and I'm finally started to get close to the 7K mark! Hopefully it happens.
  • Use Pinterest more - I love Pinterest and I find it to be a really good source of views for my blog too. I can't wait to create a lot of new exciting boards and hopefully join some group boards too.
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule - When I go back to uni for my masters in September, I have three modules to do with September to December so I won't be able to write as often. My modules are a mixture of studio practice and writing with will be incredibly time consuming, so hopefully I can get a few months ahead with my schedule.
  • Use instagram more - Hopefully I can fall back in love with it.
  • Make blogging friends in my home town - I've been at home five days and I'm lucky enough to have been invited to half a dozen events in the next month! So hopefully I'll make some new friends and I'll have a good time at the events.
  • Take more versatile photographs - It's easy to use the same background and props all the time, hopefully I'll try some new things and see if they work.

Life Goals

  • Try enjoy my summer - This summer is the worst scenario for me, I'm away from my friends, my job and basically everything except my family. I'm trying to enjoy each day instating of working myself into a rut of disappointment because this isn't where I want to be.
  • Go to the cinema often - My nan got me an unlimited card because I love watching films, luckily the cinema is a sort drive from me so I can see all the films. I'm really excited for the releases in July. Watch this space for film reviews.
  • Continue to go the gym - Having signed up to a new gym, I'm hoping to start going today and get working out. This gym has one of the olympic training pools and a spa so I'm sure that I love it haha. It also has a coffee shop which is great too.
  • Get on with my research for my masters dissertation - I already know exactly what my question will be and so I'm pretty much going to get as much research done as physically possible to put me in good position for when I start writing. I've also got a ton of expensive books to buy - pray for my bank account haha.

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