Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July Favourites

Hey lovelies, how quickly has this month flown by?? I can't believe that almost a half of my summer is over and I'll be returning to Northampton in just 43 days. July has been such a weird month for me as it's the first time I've spent over a week at home in nearly three years, but I've achieved a lot and had an enjoyable time.

1) Bingo - It's a family tradition we have to go to bingo every two weeks on a Tuesday night, we always go and I treat my grandparents to a bottle of wine and we play bingo haha. We're all super competitive so it's amazing, I actually won £200 the first time we went and £50 the second, which was an added bonus.

2) My cat Oscar - During term time I don't get to spend a lot of time with him except in the evenings, so it's been so nice to hang out with my cat ( yes I'm being serious). I love him so much and he honestly makes my day so much better. This month also marks the anniversary of when I picked him up a year ago. You can read about *here if you'd like.

3) Blogging - I always find that the summer makes me love blogging more, I have so much more free time and I can write as often or as little as I choose. I've managed to write up my posts till October, and all I need to do now is get the photography done for them.

4) Going to the Gym - Since returning home in June, I joined a gym here as  I didn't want to lose my progress but at the same time I was terrified to join my local gym because it is one of the Olympic training pools and gym. I'm happy that I pushed myself to go because it's actually empty most of the time because the membership is almost £50 a month. I've been pushing myself to run 3 miles everyday and I'm slowly but surely improving my time and feeling so much better about myself and my progress.

5) Harry Potter - This month I purchased the entire collection from Asda for just £28 including the special 20th edition Hufflepuff copy. I made it my goal to read through them again and I enjoyed it so much, it only took me six days as I took them with me when I commuted to London for my exhibition. I've also been watching the films again and they're amazing too.

6) Dry Shampoo - The Superdrug dry shampoo range has been my go to since going to the gym, it's been an absolute life saver, it's also cruelty free and vegan which is amazing. I have the floral one if anyone takes a look at the range.

7) Travelling - This month I spent a week in London, a few days in Northampton and the rest in my home town. I'm visiting Brighton on the 29th and my family treated me to a trip to Amsterdam in August and I'm honestly so excited.

I'd love to know what your monthly favourites are, and if you're loving any of the things I am let me know in the comments.


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