Saturday, June 03, 2017

Two products I've been loving

Hey lovelies, so I thought I'd share with you two products I've fallen in love with this month. I actually have another two posts in which these will both feature in a makeup revolution dupe post ( I brought the chocolate palettes and lipsticks too) and Vice lipstick post in which I bought one of each finishes in the collection!

714 Mega Matte - This is one of the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks, there are 100 hundred lipsticks in this collection and seven different finishes. I always have really high expectations when a lipstick says that it is mega-matte because most of the times they're either amazing or really awful. I found that this formula had great payoff and was fine without a lip liner but it was a little drying for my liking. Eating with it on was absolutely fine you just lose a little bit of lipstick but nothing major. The shade is a gorgeous red and it's the lipstick I brought to wear to for my graduation and overall I'm so impressed with it.

Blushing Hearts Blusher - Now I have to say I'm not really a fan of dupes but I brought this too test out for a dupe post I'm writing and bar what the product is meant to look like it has some really great payoff for the price. I'm not a massive wearer of blusher but in the summer months I wear it just to give me some extra cheek colour as I'm really pale and it notices more in summer. The product costs £5 and the shades are all very pigmented, a little chalky but not by much and they blend really well. The product doesn't have a lot of fall off either so it's really a decent product. On a side note though the plastic inside the heart has the worst smell in the world so if you can get past that then it's okay.

So this is just a small review, but I'd love to know what products that you've been using and loving. 


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