Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How To Approach Brands & What To Fee For Sponsored Posts

Hey lovelies, I've seen various tweets about these two subjects and as someone who does both I thought I'd share some advice and bits I know on the subjects as I've done a fair few sponsored posts and approached a ton of brands.

How To Approach Brands

Now this is the one I see people talking about most, since my early blogging days I've always contacted brands I've wanted to work with myself, because I wanted to get myself out there, not all of them got back to me but some did. In my two years of blogging since then I've become a little bit more professional when talking to companies or PRs.  So I'll share a little step by step of how I contact brands. I'd just like to add by no means am I telling you to contact PRs or Brands for freebies. For me it's more about working with brands I love and want to collaborate with.

1) Find the brand you want to work with, then you can quite simply search for their PR department email via their website or google. If this doesn't flag anything then I would message them on social media privately (not publicly) and ask for the appropriate email or get in touch with them via a question/help page. Some brands work solely via PR companies and this maybe another route to get in touch with them.

2) Think of why want to work with them - When sending an email to a brand I think it vital to send them a reason why you want to work with them specifically and what you can bring to the table. I would include a little but about your blog and link to your blog but unless asked I wouldn't send your media pack or stats off.

3) Send an email with these reasons and then wait - Don't get disheartened if you don't hear back from brands, some won't reply and thats a part of life. The thing is when you hit send on the email you don't have anything to loss, and every email you send can be great experience for approaching brands in the future.

What To Fee For Sponsored Posts

Now this is a tricker one. When brands or PR's get in contact with you about Sponsored posts you may not know what to fee. There is no wrong or right answer here as to what to charge - but if you think you're undervaluing your work you probably are.

From day one of blogging I've always charged £40 upwards, in my first year of blogging I ended up charging £50-100 at this point by social media followers were about 4k on Twitter, 2k on Instagram and just under 1k on Bloglovin. I'm now at a point where my social media following is much higher and my views per post are a lot higher. I charge in the region of £50-200 depending on what the sponsored post is for. If it's a singular link to an item to be included in a wishlist then I charge £50 because I personally post wish lists three times a month and would post them with or without sponsor so for me I don't see a point in charging higher.

When it comes to writing a blog post from scratch it depends on, how many words they want for the post, the time needed for photography and writing and how quick of a turnaround they want. I personally work on the same formula for blog post charging as I do for charging in the art world, which £10 per hour plus fee. But this won't work for everyone so I'm not telling you to use this formula it's what I'm most comfortable with. I also have just under 10K  combined social media followings which is something I base my fees around too.

So what should you charge? I guess what I'm trying to say here is - charge what you think is right. You know how long a post takes you, how long photography takes, how long your turnaround is and if you're accepting £20 for something that takes you 3 hours then you should probably charge more.

I hope this was a helpful post and that you can take something from it.


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  1. great post! I always feel the same when it comes to sponsored posts and what to charge! It is always better to start higher and not sell yourself short then come to some sort of agreement! x