Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Review

Hey lovelies, so today I'll be talking about one of my newest purchases the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I picked this gem up from my local Debenhams for under £25. The store was offering 30% off the palettes and I then had some money knocked off mine because the outer package was damaged too. 

Now, when it comes to Urban Decay I have to say that I've not had many of their palettes in the past as they just haven't appealed to me. The first one I brought was the Alice in Wonderland Palette last year, which is why this palette appealed to me so much as it had some very similar shades to that palette. The palette comes in a sleek black packaging with a gem UD logo on the front in a full spectrum of colours. I must say I'm not really a fan of it but atlas it's more whats inside the palette that counts. 
(Photo Credit - Urban Decay)

There are 21 shadows within this palette as followed:
Alchemy - deep fuchsia
Gossip - bright metallic pink
Paranoia - metallic blue-pink
Warning - deep metallic coral 
Seize - metallic bright coral
Jones - metallic orange with shimmer
Midnight Blaze - black matte with yellow shimmer
Calaveras - bright yellow matte with shimmer
Goldmine - metallic yellow gold
Hundred - deep metallic dark green
Hatter - vibrant green with shimmer
Mean - bright metallic lime green 
Minx -navy blue matte 
Blindsided - teal blue with shimmer
Metamorphosis - periwinkle blue with shimmer 
Delirious - plum purple matte 
Sketch - metallic purple 
Faded - lavender with gold glitter
Platonic - black matte with iridescent glitter
Iced - silver shimmer
Bump - white matte

I've used the Urban Decay image instead of swatched because I can't even begin to tell you how dull these shades come off if you don't use a primer. This was a criticism of the palette I had seen prior to buying it so I was prepared but honestly you need the primer to use this palette.

I really liked most of the shades in this palette but I can't lie I probably won't ever touch the blues or the teal shades in this palette as they just don't suit me. I'm honestly in love with alchemy and paranoia and I've been wearing them together everyday as they're perfect for a minimal plush pink look. I also love faded and warning and I know I will get so much use out of them.

I personally found that the fall off in this palette was very minimal except for the more pigmented colours, hatter, metamorphosis, delirious and iced literally fall off everywhere. Especially when you're trying to blend them so this is something to watch out for. Iced is the worse of the lot and just falls off everywhere before you even get it on the brush. Talking about brushes the one that comes with the palette is actually very good and I've used it almost every time I pick up this palette. 

I'd love to know if you've used this palette before, or if you've considered buying it? I really love this palette and I think I'll be wearing it everyday until September haha.


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