Tuesday, May 02, 2017

May Plans & Goals

Hey lovelies, I honestly can't believe that it is the beginning of May! This year has flown by so quickly and I finish my degree this month, with my final exhibition of the 9th June. 


  • Finish my research - I've got a little bit of research and professionalism work to do and then I'm finished on this part of my work.
  • Sort out business cards - I have some snazzy business cards for our exhibition which need sorting out and splitting up since I got six designs printed.
  • Complete my last paintings -  I still have six paintings left to make create before the show, which is a fair amount, it's doable but it will be really hard to do within the six days I've got to do it haha.


  • Give my blog a makeover - As of the end of May I'll be returning to posting four-five days a week, I've also brought a ton of new bits and bobs to spruce up my photography so hopefully everything on this blog will be more aesthetic.
  • Stick to my schedule - In April I was so busy that I didn't blog exactly to my schedule which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I want to return to my normal schedule.
  • Take part in more twitter chats -  I want to get more involved in chats this month as I have a lot more free time and will be able to spend more time on social media.
  • Tweet more - More time more tweets haha.


  • Work my ass off at the gym - I've been doing so well at the gym this past month and I can't wait to continue and make more progress! I've also been going myself which is a big step for me since I normally go with my gym buddy.
  • Take more time for myself - Self care is something I really slacked on in April, with my dissertation deadlines, joining the gym, working twice as much as usual I literally had no time for myself. So I plan to compensate with a lot of lush baths.
  • Visit home - I'm going home the weekend of the 18th and I'm so excited as I only see my family 5-6 times a year, everyone on my mums side of the family is born in May so whilst I'm home there will be a ton of celebrations and shopping. 
  • Spend more time with friends - Finishing university means that I will be able to hang out with my friends more, we have some great plans for this month including Thorpe Park,  Go Karting and meals out.

So these are my plans and goals for May, what things are you looking to achieve this month? I'd love to know.


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