Thursday, May 11, 2017

Colourpop; Is It Worth The Hype?

Hey lovelies, so if you follow me on twitter then you've probably seen me complaining of the £21.43 customs charge I received getting this package, and I thought I'd let you know if buying from Colourpop is really worth it!

I brought the lip trio  (liquid lipstick, lippie stix and lippie pencil), a lip primer,an  ultra metallic liquid lipstick, and two eyeshadows. Having ordered from Colourpop before I tried to go for products I hadn't tried as I love their satin liquid lipsticks and have a big old collection of them. The eyeshades also came with a free brush, I personally picked the blending brush.

Let's start of with the lip trio. I got the Keep It Going set which contains products in the shade Love Bug. The lippie stick was pretty average, I'm not really a fan of thin lip sticks nowadays but it did the job and it was a nice colour. The lip liner was the same if I'm honest. The ultra matte liquid lipsticks are quite frankly the worse I've ever used in my life. It wasn't long lasting you can wipe it off with no effort whatsoever even with the primer. It was clumpy, very streaky and the shade was honestly more of an off brown than a red which the other products were. It made my lips feel like rubber and was honestly such a waste of money. I wouldn't recommend this at all.

The lip primer is great. I really love how easily it applies and it does work, it gave me an extra 2-3 hours of liquid lipstick and I would totally recommend this. This is the second one I've tried and it is easily the best.

The metallic lipstick I picked up in the shade Mugshot which is a beautiful bright metallic red. Red is hands down my favourite lip colour and I wasn't disappointed with this lip product at all. It applied beautifully with use of the lip primer. It also wasn't clumpy which I found the ultra matte was. It was long lasting until I ate oily food and then it disappeared quicker than my pay check. So I don't recommend wearing this if you're going out food. Bar that this was easily my favourite product from this order.

The eyeshadows were also pretty basic, they blended okay not amazingly. Both of the shades I went for were darker, with Paradox being a darker red and muse being a deep metallic red with gold undertones. They weren't particularly buttery but they weren't particularly chalky either. Whilst the shades were nice they were just okay? I just expected better.

So overall, would I order again? Probably not but I would buy more if it wasn't so hit and miss with quality. Whilst their products can be nice, and are very affordable I just don't think it's worth it with the customs. Also Colourpop is the only company I've always received a customs charge from, with other brands such as Lime Crime I've never had any customs fees at all. I think maybe it's time for Colourpop to either cover customs charges with postage or for them to have a warehouse here in the UK. I feel like their are so many better UK based brands that I could purchase this items for, at the same or similar price and they would be better quality and no customs fee (yes, I'm very bitter about the customs). I'd love to know if you order from Colourpop and what you think about their products, and if you haven't brought from them before will you in the future?


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