Friday, May 19, 2017

8 Of My Favourite Things

Hey lovelies, just a little post so I thought I would share some of my favourite things with y'all because I feel as a person I'm very disconnected from my blog, it shares little to no opinions and to those of you who aren't regular readers all you know about me is my name.

1) Art - Honestly I love the creative arts, nothing in this world speaks to me as much as freshly painted canvas, drawing or sculptural piece. You know that feeling most people get when they see a cute dog/cat or they get a delicious coffee or something amazing just happens, well I get that feeling  everytime I walk into a gallery or I'm painting and it makes my life feel so fulfilled.

2)  Films - Next to art I adore films, all types of filmography really but horrors and thrillers are my favourites. I visit the cinema multiple times every month and when I'm at uni I often watch 6-8 hours worth of film films everyday whilst painting.

3) Cats - I'm honestly a crazy cat lady, I'm not really a fan of dogs whatsoever and haven't been most of my life so cats have always been my main pets. I've often be known to cry when I see small kittens, because I think they're so cute haha.

4) Coffee - I could drink coffee all day everyday and never get bored, it's my favourite drink and I love it so much. I love all types of coffee roast, and I drink everything from double espressos to caramel lattes (with extra shots of course).

5) Writing - I write everyday. I have a separate art blog to this blog in which I daily post, I write essay, I've been writing ideas for my masters dissertation and thesis. I'm forever practice writing critical art analysis as I'd one day like to write critical art theory books.

6) Chanel Perfume - I'm a perfume snob, I don't normally wear anything other than Chanel and my entire life the Chanel chance has been my favourite scent.

7) Jackets and Coats - I live for autumn and winter I love big coats and I love denin/leather jackets. I own more coats than everyday clothing haha.

8) Plants - I struggle to remember to water them and keep them alive but honestly they're so refreshing and brighten up a room.


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