Sunday, May 21, 2017

8 Goals To Achieve This Summer

Hey lovelies, so for me my summer break starts this coming Friday, with all my uni work handed in and my final two exhibitions coming up. I've got alot of free time coming up although most of that will be spent working.

1) Write write write - I plan on writing on my art blog daily. I'll be posting about that blog on this blog in the coming weeks so keep an eye out. I also want to write on this blog 5 times a week over the summer, so basically I'll be glued to my laptop 24/7.

2) Work on my self confidence - Now I'm 22 this coming winter and it's about time I learnt to be more self-confident and love my body more! I mean you only get one body so I'm stuck with it.

3) Snazz up my blog - I'm going to do it guys I'm going to buy a custom Pipdig theme because I want one thats a mixture of the blogger/wordpress ones they make! The wordpress themes have such good features that they don't have on the blogger themes and it's what I want in my life.

4) Sign-up for a half marathon - I've been working so hard at the Gym and I've really been enjoying running and I think this would be the next step forward for me.

5) Decide what university I'll be doing my masters at - I've had offers from 4/5 of my options with my fifth interview happening next week. I've also had two full scholarship offers and one half scholarship offer! So right now I have no idea what I'm going to pick, some mean I'll have to move across the country or commute etc,

6) Save -  Between a deposit for a new house and a couple of hundred of pounds of canvas for my degree show it's save to say my saving are gone and I would like to replenish them if I can.

7)  Get a second kitten - Now I've been looking around for a brother for Oscar for a long time but it's my boyfriend who is heavily opposed to getting another cat so as soon as he leaves for the Summer, hello kitten number two! ( No jokes either this is actually my plan)

8) Work on my photography - Right now I'm really happy with my photography but I want to keep improving and work on more flatlays and complex photography.


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