Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Places to Visit in Venice

Hey lovelies, so if you don't follow me on instagram then you probably won't know of my love for Venice and everything Italian. I adore Venice so I thought I'd tell you some of my favourite places to visit on the island and things to do.

  1. Magnum Pleasure Store - You can customise a magnum with chocolate and toppings and its amazing! I believe it cost us around €6 each and was amazing and so delicious.
  2. Visit the Venice Biennale - If you go to venice on an odd year during May-October the biennale will be on and it honestly amazing for art works. I couldn't recommend it more
  3. The Grand Canal - I recommend getting a water taxi from the canal all around the island if you don't sea sick. It was an amazing experience and you can see the whole island.
  4. Gallerie dell'Accademia - Hands down the best art gallery in Venice, the traditional artworks from the 13th-18th century are breathtaking. Free entry for students as well.
  5. Go up the Campanille - This gives you one of the most breath-taking views of the island and its architecture.
  6. Visit St Marks Square - Whilst this is pretty high up on things people will tell you to do in Venice, I would warn you that the contest threat of getting mugged ( people really vulture you) and the ridiculous amount of pigeons really put me off, but the architecture is gorgeous and if you can go when it's quiet I recommend it.
  7. Watch a glass blowing demonstration - Venice is well know from its murano glass and it can be found in gift shops all over the island. Many places do workshops or demonstrations where you can watch it being made.
  8. Go to the Liberia Aqua Alta - Honestly it's amazing and I'm surprised the books have managed to survive so long on the island.

These are just a couple of the place I love in Venice, I have a post later in the month of the best places to eat in Venice so keep a look out for it.


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