Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Graduation Dress Wishlist

So with my graduation being three months away I've composed this little wishlist of all the dresses that I love! I'm still not sure which one I'll be getting but I'm sure it'll be off this wishlist.

Chi Chi London Jazzy Dress £66.99
Missguided Peace + Love White Lace Rose Dress £100
AX Paris Grey Crochet Top Maxi Dress £60
AX Paris Metallic Floral Skater Dress £55
Quiz White and Red Crochet Paisley Skater Dress £36.99
Lips VIP Printed Laser Cut Dress £110
Asks Little Mistress Appliqué Skater Dress £70

I'd love to know your favourite places to buy prom/graduation style dress, so please leave some recommendations in the comments! 


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