Wednesday, April 05, 2017

30 Post Ideas

Hey lovelies, I've done a couple of this style of post before but I find them great for motivation and ideas. In a months time I'll be full time blogging for the summer as I have no other commitments them so you might see some of these on my blog haha.

  1. 10 places you want to travel to
  2. 10 places worth visiting in your town/city
  3. A review of your favorite coffee shop
  4. Your current book reading list
  5. Your beauty essentials post
  6. Blogging tips for beginners
  7. Photography tips and trick
  8. AM/PM Tag
  9. Disney themed post
  10. Favorite movies post
  11. Cinema review
  12. Easter themed post
  13. Baking posts 
  14. Vegan food ideas
  15. Recipe for your favorite meal
  16. University room tour
  17. Office tour
  18. Dissertation tips post
  19. Subscription box review
  20. Hotel reviews
  21. Holiday photo diary
  22. Tips for working with brands
  23. Smoothie recipes
  24. A-Z of me post
  25. Share you favourite memory
  26. Tips for moving house
  27. Homeware haul
  28. DIY post
  29. Pet introduction post
  30. Share your favourite bloggers
Here are a couple ideas! I'd love to know if you use these to write a post, and keep an eye out on my blog soon for a giveaway 


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