Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tips for growing your Instagram

Hey lovelies, so back in January I re-joined Instagram after deleting my account with 2.5K followers, I really wanted a fresh start. Since then I've tried to learn a-lot about Instagram and here are some tips for growth! Hopefully you find this helpful.

1) Post daily

Posting regularly really helps and it keeps your engagement higher. I would say anymore than 3-4 times a day is overkill. When posting regularly I've seen that my likes are alot higher. I'd also suggest posting either early in the morning or in the evening as this is when engagement seems to be at its best because people aren't at work etc. I recommend taking photos in bulk so that you have them and you don't need to worry about taking photos everyday.

2) Hashtags

I've found that using hashtags with under 250K posts in them work the best. Also there are an awful lot of hashtags for bloggers I really recommend taking a look at them and picking the ones that work best for you! I personally find that #blogginggals #tbhpost and #bbloggersuk are really helpful.

3) Photo quality

Now I've noticed a massive increase in engagement since I started using my camera for my instagram photos. I'm not saying that you need to use a camera for good quality photos because you can get really good photos from phones. Just make sure your images aren't blurry and that they are visible! I'd recommend downloading Lightroom on your phone - it's free and it's amazing for editing photos.

4) Engage with others

Engaging with others is so helpful, leaving comments on others posts or just liking other posts has increased my engagement so much - it might not directly improve your following but it does help!

These are just a few tips I've found to be really helpful, I'd love to know if you use these tips and if they help you, or if you have any tips feel free to share them in the comments!


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