Saturday, March 18, 2017

Technic makeup review*

Hey lovelies, so recently I was sent some lovely bits from Technic* to try out and honestly I was so excited, they're a brand I've heard alot about but never got around to trying.

Eyebrow Defining Pen ( shade medium brown) - I absolutely love this pen. It's a liquid liner and when you apply it it's alot darker than when it dries. The medium brown is the perfect shade for me - my eyebrows are very light and I find most eyebrow products are just too dark! It takes 20-30 to dry and the application is so smooth. I don't love brow products often but this has become my everyday eyebrow products.

Mega Lash - I'm not really a fan of mascara all together so I was a little negative with this product before I even tried it. It works amazingly though, the application is really  easy, it's not too sticky and it stays for a long time. Not sure it made my lashes look any bigger, but I did like it!

Colour Correcting Setting powder -  This product is amazing for covering dark under-eyes and correcting redness. I was really sceptical when using this but it did wonders for me. I find that using it on a fan brush worked best and I honestly was blown away. I haven't tried a lot of colour correcting products so this changed the game for me.

Shimmer Eyeshadow Primer - I've been dying to get an eyeshadow primer because I have only tried a few, I was kinda disappointed that this was based for just shimmer shades as shimmer eyeshadows are my least favourite. But I found that these worked really well. It also is super shimmer so definitely adds some extra sparkle haha.

I really enjoyed the quality of products from this brand and I can't believe how cheap most of the products are! I did also receive two highlighters but my postman decided to attempt to fit the package through my post box and it smashed both. I really loved trying this brand and I can't wait to try more.


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