Friday, March 31, 2017

My April Goals

Hey lovelies, with one day left of March I thought I'd share with you my April Goals. April is a super busy month for me as its my last full month left at university, my dissertation hand in date, the month that PPL returns and easter.

  • Hand in my dissertation - My hand in date is the 28th I'm pretty much finished and I'm getting my copy book bound the first week after Easter.
  • Create my piece for our final show - A percentage of our grade comes just from what we exhibit in our final year show - so I need to create a really fabulous painting!
  • Finish all my research - I have a few days in May to submit my research but I want to get it done this month if possible.
  • Start decluttering my space - obviously I'll be leaving my studio space when we finish and half my life is that space haha.
  • Eat breakfast everyday - I'm normally more of a coffee five times in the morning person that then eats at lunch time but in March I've been trying to eat before midday everyday.
  • Read more - once my dissertation is out of the way I'll have a lot more time to read, I've recently brought around 15 new books.
  • Go to the gym - Throughout March I've been jogging in the morning/evenings if I have time but I really want to get in better shape ready for graduation.
  • Pamper myself more - Being stressed sucks haha.

  • Keep up my posting schedule - enough said!
  • Work on updating my older posts - especially photography wise and spelling checks etc. I'm going to have a clean through
  • Work with new brands - I have some really exciting collaborations in April and I can't wait to share them.

So these are my goals, what are yours? I hope March has been a fab month for you and that April is great too.


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