Sunday, March 26, 2017

March favourites

Hey lovelies, so it's time for me to share my monthly favourites, I really loved the layout of last months favourites so thats how I'm going to do them from now on!

1) My phone - I broke my phone earlier in the month and went without it for 8 days which isn't a lot but it made me so happy to be able to talk to my family again when it was fixed.

2) Candles - I just love candles.

3) Cloudy Lemonade - I don't actually like regular lemonade but I love cloudy lemonade it's the perfect bitter sweet mix.

4) Reading - I've read so much this month from my TBR pile and it's been great!

5) Chanel Chance - My all time favourite perfume it honestly smells heavenly.

6) Patches - I've been sewing/ironing on patches on everything I own, I collect patches and thought it was time to start using them.

7) Crown Brushes - I've been using them so much the quality is amazing and they're so aesthetically pleasing.

8) Leather Jackets - It's spring which means its getting to the point I need to ditch my coat and what a jacket, I'm really feeling a floral printed jacket.

9) My tattoo - I got tattooed in February but a few days after got the worst batch of food poisoning so now it's healed I love it!

10) Uni - I've feeling so nostalgic about uni with less than two months to go it's crazy how fast my three years here have gone.

11) Soya hot chocolates - I'm normally a coffee person but I've really enjoyed a few hot chocolates this month.

So these are my favourites this month, what things have you been loving this month? I'd love to know!


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