Tuesday, March 07, 2017

How I Deal With University Stress

Hey lovelies, with less than three months until my degree is up it's safe to say I'm ridiculously stressed and at the stage where I'd like to sleep for the next year. So I thought I'd share some of my tips for dealing with university stress.

1) Know your limits

I find I often get stressed because I put too much pressure on myself to produce a large amount of work and more often than not it's not work I need to do either. Knowing when to stop and walk away from work has helped my stress levels alot.

2) Take regular breaks

When you're writing work up it's easy not to take breaks and then look at the clock and three hours have passed. Make sure to take small regular breaks - it really makes a massive difference. I tend to use my breaks to get a cup of coffee/tea or go for a little walk.

3) Pamper yourself

I tend to find that a pamper night here and there really helps with reducing my stress levels. There isn't anything like soaking in a lush bath with a face mask. Even if you spend the night with a takeaway and watching films and having face mask its important to remember self care.

4) Exercise regularly

Being a student there just isn't always time to hit the gym or regularly exercise especially with deadlines coming up. I find that a small run or walk can be really helpful because you're getting some fresh air and the release of endorphins can help make you feel better.

5) Talk to friends

When at uni everyone is in the same boat and more often than not most of your friends will be stressed too. I find that sitting down at university with friends and a Greggs always helps because you help support each other and talk through whats stressing you out.

6) Pets

I know most university houses/halls don't allow pets but I find that having a pet has always helped me especially when I'm stressed there isn't anything like a kitten cuddle.

7) Sleep

Personally I find that I get way more stressed when I don't have enough sleep, but I can't sleep because I'm stressed. I find that reading a book before bed and turning off all technology 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleeping helps me sleep. If that doesn't work a power nap here and there is always useful.

If you're at uni I'd love to know if these help you and any of the tips you use yourself to stop yourself from getting stressed.


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