Thursday, March 09, 2017

Crown Brush Review*

Hey lovelies, recently I received the most beautiful makeup brushes in the post from the lovely Crown Brush* I don't have many good quality makeup brushes so it was really nice to try out these brushes! Please note I don't tend to wear makeup everyday so if my brush lingo isn't great I'm sorry.

SS031 Deluxe Lip Brush - This is the only brush from the ones I received that I've been hesitant to use. I don't really have a need for a lip brush and having never used one before I found it to be a really weird sensation. I might grow to love this brush more but right now it's not a favourite of mine because I have very little use for it!

SS021 Blending Brush  - I loved this brush, I used it to apply both eyeshadow and contour. It worked a lot better for eyeshadow as it blended beautiful and I found that even lightly pressing it the results where amazing. I didn't love it as much with contour but that might just be me being fussy,

SS011 Oval Shadow Brush - I loved this brush, it was so soft and worked so well. I have very few good eyeshadow brushes and it just made me want to wear eyeshadow more.

SS003 Oval Foundation Brush - I found this brush was amazing for applying foundation, I tend to use a beauty blender because I find them to much easier than brushes to apply foundation evenly. But this brush worked amazingly, the foundation applied really evenly and that I could reach the more difficult places so well ( side of nose etc). I would 100% recommend this to anyone who prefers a brush to beauty blender its just amazing!

SS032 Pointed Blender Brush - This wasn't a brush I tried at all. I just didn't feel inspired to use it - although I hope I will in the future.

SS035 Medium Face Contour Brush - I often don't wear contour very often so I've used this brush for both my contour and blush and found it did the job very well! The fibres held enough powder to apply the product well and it wasn't patchy either. 

I'd love to know what brushes you use for your makeup, and if you've ever tried CrownBrush before! I really love the brushes and I can't wait to try more in the future. 


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